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The Inn Foods Advantage:

  • Established Reputation and Growth: Inn Foods, Inc. boasts a rich history since its establishment in 1976 and has consistently achieved remarkable growth, becoming a major player in the frozen foods industry.


  • Comprehensive Product Range: Inn Foods offers an extensive range of frozen food products, including fruits, vegetables, starches, legumes, proteins, sauces, and complete meals, catering to a wide variety of customer needs.


  • Global Sourcing Leadership: The company is known for its expertise in identifying and capitalizing on purchasing opportunities worldwide, building enduring relationships with suppliers both domestically and internationally.


  • Proactive Supply Management: The company proactively sources conventional and organic fruits and vegetables worldwide to address domestic supply shortages, ensuring constant oversight of quality and availability.


  • Purchasing Philosophy: Inn Foods’ leverages comparative purchasing to procure products, and its diverse network of partners helps reduce overall delivered costs.

  • International Advantage: The company's international plants offer production capabilities for conventional and organic products to optimize the supply chain, resulting in cost savings for customers.


  • Food Safety and Quality: Inn Foods maintains strict quality specifications for all its frozen commodities, ensuring consistent product quality. 


  • Compliance and Safety: The company is in full compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and employs a customized database and verification process to ensure all suppliers meet FSMA requirements.


  • Consistent Supply and Pricing: Inn Foods' worldwide sourcing options allow it to provide consistent supply even in the face of regional crop failures or shortages, advocating for contractual purchasing to maintain consistent pricing.


  • Service Excellence and Innovation: Inn Foods' dedication to service excellence and innovation is reflected in its high customer satisfaction, with 50% of growth coming from referrals. The company is a preferred choice for R&D sourcing projects from Fortune 500 companies.


  • Customization and Expertise: Inn Foods tailors its products to meet customers' unique needs, developing specifications if necessary and offering cost-saving suggestions for blends aimed at reducing production costs.


  • Diverse Sourcing Capabilities: The company offers a wide array of frozen fruits, vegetables, and meal concepts produced globally, including organic options to align with market trends.



Inn Foods' commitment to quality, innovation, and strategic sourcing positions is a valuable partner in the food industry, offering consistency, expertise, and a legacy of excellence to its customers.

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