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Welcome to Inn Foods

Since 1976, Inn Foods has been an outstanding source of quality frozen products throughout the United States for industrial, foodservice, retail, and co-manufacturing private label markets.

Business Segments




Food Service





Inn Foods mission is to supply frozen food products that consistently achieve the product and service expectations of our customers in a cost effective and environmentally responsible manner.  Inn Foods strives to conserve non-renewables, promote fairness in our trade relationships, maintain economic viability as well as meet customer expectations for Food Safety and Quality.  

Business Integrity:


Our goal is long-term economic success of our customers and suppliers by:

  • Respect

  • Paying within terms

  • Sharing with our suppliers our expectations of maintaining a high standard of courtesy, reliability, productivity and innovation

  • Supporting companies that share our values

Care for Our Employees by:

  • Supporting personal health and wellness

  • Encouraging training and education

  • Setting measurable goals

  • Verifying performance

  • Validating results

  • Supporting and encouraging our employees to be active in

    • American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI)

    • Industry organizations

    • Embracing conservation practices

    • Community involvement

Energy and Materials Management:

  • Improving energy efficiency in our plants

  • Reducing the flow of waste materials entering local landfills

Supply Chain:  Inn Foods sustainability efforts extend:

  • With our suppliers

  • Our transportation networks

  • Our customer bases

Food Safety

At Inn Foods, we take pride in being at the forefront of sourcing frozen fruit and vegetables for diverse markets including food service, industrial, and private label sectors.  We consider our suppliers as integral parts of our extended family, working collaboratively to enhance product safety and quality, consistently surpassing customer expectations.  Our suppliers are built on meticulous evaluation and endorsement of their rigorous food safety protocols.  We are strongly dedicated to upholding the highest global benchmarks for food safety and quality.

The various certifications ensure our commitment to our customers.

(The VPS Companies is neither affiliated or connected with, nor endorsed by, any of the certifying entities identified below)

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